The Fountain of Juice | Cold-Pressed, Hand-Crafted, Alchemical Elixirs.

Located inside Nashville Farmers Market Thurs-Sun | Shop Online

The Fountain of Juice is a modern cold-pressed juice dispensary in Nashville, Tn. 

1 Month Subscription

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1 Month Subscription

from 252.00

1) Select the Number of Juices You Wish To Receive Each Week From The 'Bottles' Drop-Down Menu Below 

2) Click 'Purchase' to Select Juices From the Order Form

3) Receive Fresh Juices & Nut Mylks Weekly To Your Doorstep; Office or Home

*All juices come in 16.9oz.



JUICES ARE DELIVERED ONCE A WEEK, EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT. Deliveries will arrive at your doorstep between 10pm Tuesday-5pm Wednesday. Please leave a cooler filled with ice outside the entrance where your juices will be delivered visible to the driver.
Please refrigerate your perishable juices and mylks immediately.

All orders must be placed by 8pm each Sunday prior to delivery start date. We charge a one time $10 delivery fee included in price for every subscription purchase.