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The Fountain of Juice is a modern cold-pressed juice dispensary in Nashville, Tn. 

Turmeric Tonic

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Turmeric Tonic.JPG

Turmeric Tonic


Turmeric Root/ Ginger Root/ Lemon/ Pure Maple Syrup/ Cayenne Pepper/ Black Pepper/ Alkaline Water

{Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Depressant, Detoxifying, Neutralizes Free-Radicals, Increases Brain Function}



This potent tonic is a super detox cleansing juice. If you like heat, this one is for you! 

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In several studies, the potency of Turmeric and its antioxidant Curcumin has compared favorably to anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs… except without the side effects, and used to fight chronic inflammation. It has also been shown to improve memory and reverse brain degeneration in patients with Alzheimers Disease, and proven as an anti-depressant over Prozac.

Other Health Benefits include:

  • Liver Support
  • Stimulated Digestion
  • Healthy blood circulation
  • Alkalinity 
  • Immune support
  • Detoxification


The Fountain of Juice is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician's consultation, evaluation, or treatment. PLEASE consult your healthcare professional before going on cleanses or consuming unfamiliar supplements. Everyone is different (some people feel ill after consuming wheatgrass, some supplements such as alcohol-based tinctures can be a bit much for overtaxed livers) and some of our products are very potent. 

* If you have nut allergies, please be aware that our equipment may cross contaminate with juices and smoothies due to the high prevalence of nuts in our facility.