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The Fountain of Juice is a modern cold-pressed juice dispensary in Nashville, Tn. 

Chaga Latte


Chaga Latte


Our adaptogenic version of a BULLET PROOF Latte that will enhance cognition and provide nourishing energy~

Cold-Brew Coffee/ Almond/ Coconut Butter/ Date/ Chaga Mushroom/ Sea Salt

{Stimulating, Anti-Stress, Promotes Power, Strength & Longevity, Fights Pre-Mature Aging, Improves Physical & Mental Capacity, Rich in Antioxidants, An Adaptogenic}


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The Fountain of Juice is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician's consultation, evaluation, or treatment. PLEASE consult your healthcare professional before going on cleanses or consuming unfamiliar supplements. Everyone is different (some people feel ill after consuming wheatgrass, some supplements such as alcohol-based tinctures can be a bit much for overtaxed livers) and some of our products are very potent. 

* If you have nut allergies, please be aware that our equipment may cross contaminate with juices and smoothies due to the high prevalence of nuts in our facility.