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The Fountain of Juice is a modern cold-pressed juice dispensary in Nashville, Tn. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are You Local? Where Are You Located?

We are local makers of Nashville and started our juice company here in 2014.

Visit us at one of our two retail locations:

Nations Dispensary- 908 51st Ave N, Nashville, Tn. See here for hours.

Nashville Farmers Market Shop- 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd, Nashville, Tn. See here for hours.

Juice Commissary- Our off-site commercial juice kitchen is located off of Elm Hill Pike towards the Nashville Airport.


Why should I juice? 

Cold-pressed, raw juice is the best possible nutrition you can consume. So, a better question is, “Do you know you need to be incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet on a daily basis? If you have a hard time doing so, and your answer is yes, then juicing is a solution. When you drink raw juice, you are drinking liquid, living, produce, and with our proprietary blends you are drinking superior juices with added superfoods for extra health-boosting benefits. Juicing is different than drinking smoothies because liquid goes directly to the blood stream quick, delivering live enzymes and nutrients to your cells, and nourishing your body in order to function properly and speed recovery. It gives your digestive system a chance to rest and reset. With fiber, your body needs more time to break down the food and digest, and takes much longer for your body to utilize these nutrients. This means your body is spending more time working, using up energy instead of utilizing it, thus slowing you down.

Numerous medical and scientific studies confirm and support health claims that consumption of raw juice, whole fruits, veggies and herbs aid detoxification miracles for the body inside and out. These vitamin-mineral filled elements help boost the body’s immune response, reduce risk for chronic disease, improve skin, hair and nail health, and can even reverse some of the effects of aging.

Juicing can bring higher energy, less stress, deeper sleep, better sex, a better mood, increased happiness, and a sharper mind. Other benefits include improved brain function, decreased inflammation, healthful weight loss, increased energy levels and much more! 

Best of all, it's convenient. We do all the time-consuming work so you don’t have to, saving you all the messy cleanup, so you have more time for you. We are mixology experts mixing up tasty blends for you to enjoy, rather than choke down, and bottle it up in a pretty little on-the-go package. All you have to do is drink-up and enjoy as a beverage of delicious nutrition.


What makes The Fountain of Juice unique?

We are the real deal; we don't compromise or take short cuts in our process, or water down our products. Every one of our juices and nut mylks are plant-sourced potions, hand-crafted from scratch using fresh, high-quality, fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, oils and superfoods. Our beverages are created to provide nourishment to your cells & enhancement for your overall health, beauty and wellbeing. All of our recipes are mixologist-driven, bursting with exquisite flavor. We never use artificial additives, preservatives, false coloring, refined sugars or sweeteners. Our products are pure blends of nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich, raw, living foods that we make in small batches and fill in glass bottles by hand. Our staff is knowledgeable in the health benefits of our products and are willing to inform and answer any questions. We offer home delivery service. Our cleanse will not leave you hungry. 

Our juices are cold-pressed, 100% raw and unpasteurized. We don't use heat or HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) to prolong the shelf life of our elixirs, because it will kill the fragile vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. We cold-press to preserve the life of the ingredient so you will receive the full benefits from our juice, replenishing your body with vital energy and nutrition. 

Our preparation technique allows the juice extracted from the raw vegetables and fruits to contain its original amount of living enzyme, vitamin and trace mineral content to stay in tact from the moment the juice leaves the pulp up to 5 days.

What makes your juices different from what I can buy at the grocery store?

Firstly, you can't buy juice of this quality anywhere in Nashville; cold pressed, delicious (ie doesn’t taste like kale mixed with water) and in glass bottles.

Most bottled juice at supermarkets or cafes are pasteurized, a process that heats the juice to high temperatures. These juices have a lifespan upwards of 50 days so the company isn’t in such a rush to sell them. However, the drawback is that these methods basically sterilize the juice, destroying live enzymes and nutrients, and minimizing flavor. The heat also “cooks” the juice, turning the good-for-you sugar into bad-for-you sugar.

Similarly, any juicery that uses the common centrifugal juicer (like wholefoods), are destroying some of the enzymes when extracting. Heat and oxidation from fast spinning blades damage the cells, extracting a lot less of the nutrition. Any juice made 'fresh' in a cup has a 10-15 minute shelf life because oxygen is aggressively attacking the nutrients.

What is Cold-Pressed?

Cold-pressed refers to the type of juicing method we use. It is the production process that differs from conventional juicing methods, such as centrifugal juicing, like the machines you see at most health food stores or juice shops that make juice on-the-spot. Our juice is extracted using a Hydraulic Press or Commercial Juicer, which is the absolute best extraction method there is. It extracts three to five times the nutrients that the common centrifugal method does and on top of that, it just tastes better. The term “Cold” press is employed when machines use Hydraulic Press technology and avoid adding heat during the extraction process, and works by slowly extracting juice from each ingredient at cool temperatures by pressing or squeezing away the fiber.


By exerting thousands of pounds of pressure on the fruit and vegetables very slowly, without using a hot blade, a hydraulic press maintains the lowest levels of oxidation without compromising the integrity of the plant’s cellular structure. This yields the purest and most complete form of extracted juice with the highest possible density of enzymes and nutrients, rich in color and flavor. Furthermore, cold-pressing acts as a preservation technique, allowing our juice to contain its original amount of living enzyme, vitamin, and trace mineral content to stay in tact from the moment the juice leaves the pulp up to 3 days, and remains fresh for up to 7 days.

What Is The Shelf Life?

If properly refrigerated, our juices and nut mylks are good to drink for up to 3 days after opened, and 5 days if kept sealed and refrigerated. Some may last longer depending on their ingredients, for example: herbal extracts, apple cider vinegar or lemon. These naturally preserve the juices a little bit longer by a day to 2 days extra.

Why glass?

Glass is the best when its comes to raw juice. Juice can extensively impact your overall health and wellness. That's why we bottle our goods in glass. Even though it's more expensive, glass ensures optimal taste, freshness, and quality. Plastic bottles have been known to leach toxic chemicals, making glass the safest option for storage.  

Glass is made from natural, raw material, is eco-friendly, and is the only true "cradle-to-cradle", endlessly recycled material. It’s the only packaging material generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by FDA. It’s nonporous and impermeable, guarding it’s contents from moisture and oxygen, ensuring maximum freshness. Unlike glass, plastics are made with a chemical resin that leaches into the stored food and beverages which can carry many health risks, and often times it can leave a plasticky after taste. The manufacturing of plastics creates air and water pollution and exposes workers to toxic fumes.

CLICK HERE some great information on the truth about plastic packaging.

What should I do with my glass bottles?

We strongly encourage the reuse and recycling of our bottles. They are a perfect reusable bottle for water or any beverage of your choice, and make lovely flower vases for home and office decor! Once you have finished using your bottles, feel free to return them to us at our market storefront inside of Nashville Farmers Market to be sterilized and reused, or recycled. *please, please rinse before returning*

We do not offer refunds on returned bottles.

How much am I supposed to drink?

There is no proper dosage for drinking the liquid of a fruit and vegetable. Consult your physician first if you have specific allergies, a weakened immune system or taking medication. Some medications react differently when combined with certain produce.

How much sugar is in each juice?

We don’t ever add refined sugars to any of our products. The sweetness only comes from the fruits, spices and herbs you see listed on the label.

The only sugar contained in our juices are just a part of the balanced chemical composition that plants are composed of. The sugars found naturally in the plants we juice are in small amounts, and come combined with other essential substances, collectively called nutrients, which are needed to sustain life. Sugar in this form is a natural element, like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and vitamins.

We don’t have the nutritional content measured for our products so we are not able to give an exact measurement. But, we are all about being transparent, and what we can tell you is that all juice is not created equal! Sugar listed on the juice bottles at the supermarkets, (or cakes, cookies, soda, and even savory packaged foods) is a blend of refined, added sugar, not equal to sugar that naturally exists in plants. Same with calories from fresh fruit and vegetables, they are not the same calories that come from a big mac.

Naturally existing sugar from plants is balanced with other nutrient content, and the body can convert it into energy. Refined, added sugar creates toxicity, and is converted into fat, health issues and disease.

When you read packaged food labels, you aren’t able to see the amount of ADDED sugar separated from natural sugars and they are confused as being the same thing when they aren’t.

Added sugar comes in many forms – which is why it's so hard to find on the ingredients label. There are at least 61 different names for sugar listed on food labels. These include common names, such as sucrose and high-fructose corn syrup, cane syrup, as well as barley malt, dextrose, and maltose among others.

This is such a debate in the health industry that the FDA is in active discussion about revising current label designs to add a separate line highlighting added sugars.

How Many Calories Are In Each Bottle?

We understand that some of you need an idea of the amount you’re consuming for specific diets.  Our juices typically have 100-350 calories depending on recipe.  The lowest calorie flavors are the green juices, and the higher calorie recipes are going to be anything with nuts blended into them.

Will these make me poop?

Yes and no. Everyone is different, so this will depend on your level of toxicity. If your digestive system has been needing a push, then we recommend drinking lots of water in between juices. Hydration will increase elimination.

How Often Should I Cleanse?

This is up to you and will depend on your personal goals. You may be looking to get into a healthy regime to clean up your eating habits and incorporate more fruit and vegetables on a daily basis. You may be needing to lose weight or treat health issues holistically with juicing rather than compromising with conventional medicine. Depending on your level of health, cleansing takes some time to build up to, so start small by adding juice to your daily diet until you feel comfortable with committing to a 1 or 3 day cleanse. Some people cleanse once a month, while others may do it less, or more often.

Will I Lose Weight During A Cleanse?

Yes and no. Cleansing is not a solution for long-term weight loss, its all about making a healthy habit. Weight loss may be a side effect of cleansing, but be aware that weight loss wont happen for everyone. Its important to have a diet plan for when you are off of your cleansing program because any weight lost could come back once the cleanse is over, especially if you fall back into unhealthy eating habits.

How Do I Prepare For A Cleanse?

Please read our Cleanse Guide for instructions before getting started. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you have and guide you in the right direction.

CLICK HERE for the Cleanse Guide

Can I Pick Up My Order At The Market Storefront at the Nashville Farmers Market?

Yes. Your pre-ordered juice packages are available to be picked up, rather than delivered, on Thursdays during our market hours of 10:30am-3pm. Just select the 'Pick-Up' option at check out.

Where Can I Find Your Weekly Menu Before I Come To Visit Your Market Storefront?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for menu updates. We post the weekly menu usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays. We hope to have a separate page on the site soon that will update as the weekly menu so keep checking back to see if its up!

Why is the cost of our juice higher when compared to others?

To understand, it’s helpful to remove the notion that you’re buying a beverage, and look at it as a vitamin-delivery vehicle. We are serving up liquid food made with perishable, expensive ingredients. And unlike sodas and cocktails, made with shelf-stable ingredients that rarely fluctuate in price, our juices are made from produce, organic and local, that will quickly spoil if it’s not promptly used.

There are many different ingredients that are used in the different categories of juice, so it can get very expensive to make them. We want to give you the highest quality, yummiest juice available. You’ll find that our prices are comparable to other juices of the same quality.

All of our juices, nut mylks and shots are made with high quality fruits, veggies and other super food ingredients like raw cacao butter, coconut meat and raw almonds. We do all the labor ourselves to keep the prices as low as possible and are constantly looking for ways to make our products accessible to the wider public. Please feel free to ask questions on pricing, as every price has a reason and we’re happy to explain!



The Fountain of Juice is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician's consultation, evaluation, or treatment. PLEASE consult your healthcare professional before going on cleanses or consuming unfamiliar supplements. Everyone is different (some people feel ill after consuming wheatgrass, some supplements such as alcohol-based tinctures can be a bit much for overtaxed livers) and some of our products are very potent. 

* If you have nut allergies, please be aware that our equipment may cross contaminate with juices and smoothies due to the high prevalence of nuts in our facility.  

**Cleanses are not intended for use by minors, pregnant or nursing women, individuals with any type of health condition or users of prescription drugs. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of weight loss effort or regimen.  

*** Our juices are raw and highly perishable- they require refrigeration at all times. Our juices are not heat pasteurized or high pressure pasteurized and therefore may pose a higher risk to elderly people, pregnant women, and those with a compromised immune system.


****Organic- We state that our products are made with organic ingredients, as many ingredients used in our juices and nut mylks are organic and locally sourced from farms utilizing organic farming practices whenever possible. We do not claim to be certified organic. We are working hard to create a 100% organic menu.