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Cleanse Guide

The number of synthetic toxins our bodies absorb on a daily basis from modern food and lifestyles bombards our natural detoxification process. A juice cleanse gives your body a break from expending energy that’s normally used to digest your food. Its like a reset from within. The old, unwanted toxins are flushed from your bloodstream and you are drenched in live nutrients with a newfound sense of vitality, clarity and nutritional balance. 

A Juice Cleanse is a juice-only program, which means liquids only, no solid foods. It's a full body detox. Before you get started we have provided a few recommendations and an easy guide to help you through your cleansing journey. 



Begin pre-cleansing 3-7 days prior to your start date. Start by cutting out caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, animal products, wheat and nicotine for a few days before you begin juice cleansing. Incorporate lots of liquids: water, juice, smoothies and soups, and eat mostly raw fruits, veggies and other plant based foods.

Schedule your colonic. This is not 100% necessary but we highly recommend it. Cleaning out the colon will release buildup of excess toxins that have accumulated in our bodies over time. This waste buildup can enter the blood and may contribute to a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, irritated skin, weight gain and many other health problems. A colonic can assist in lessoning any detox symptoms as they arise, and lead to a more comfortable experience.


Continue to avoid caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, animal products, wheat and nicotine.

Drink all of your juices and mylk everyday, either in a constant drip or by setting an alarm to have a juice at least every two hours. You can drink them in our suggested order, (Caps are numbered 1-6) or any order you desire. We do suggest to save the mylk for the last juice of the day, its quite filling and helps to curb any cravings before bed.

 Ginger lemon shots are a great energy booster. These 2 oz shots can be taken any time of day, all at once or ½ in the morning, ½ mid-day. You can also dash in water or add to juices for an extra zing. Be careful, these babies are potent, they come with a surprisingly hot kick! If you’re not used to ginger, dilute in water to test your tolerance.

Hydration is important! Continue to drink water, coconut water or any herbal teas.

During your cleanse your body is trying to expel as many toxins as it can whether it be from the liver or through the pores of your skin. You may experience some detox symptoms such as:

  • Skin breakouts

  • Bloating, stomach pains

  • Headaches

  • Food cravings

  • Trouble sleeping, nightmares

  • Diarrhea and constipation

  • Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy levels

  • Irritability

  • Congestion or mucus that feels like a cold

If you feel tired, take it easy and give yourself the time to rest. There is a lot of magical cleaning and healing going on below the surface. 

Stay active: Continue your regular exercise routine, but try to keep it less intense. go for a light jog or stroll around the block. Sweating is one way your body releases toxins, so be sure to rinse off, those toxins can seep back into your skin. Exfoliate your skin, stretch and practice deep breathing.

Getting through those first few detox days can be rough, but you will feel so much better afterward and will be grateful for your detox. You will be humming along operating at such a higher level of energy and cleanliness. You'll feel less stress, have deeper sleep and experience increased happiness, a brighter mood and a sharper mind! Healthful weight loss is a huge bonus after cleansing, giving your body a sense of weightlessness, with twinkly eyes and glowy skin. You will feel reawakened with nutritional balance and vital energy.


Come down from your cleanse in the same way you prepared for it. Slowly start adding back smoothies, drinking more juices and sipping broths. Incorporate raw or slightly cooked plant based foods back into your eating regimen. Drink water, coconut water and teas, and avoid the foods mentioned before and during.