The Fountain of Juice | Cold-Pressed, Hand-Crafted, Alchemical Elixirs.

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The Fountain of Juice is a modern cold-pressed juice dispensary in Nashville, Tn. 

Careers at The Fountain of Juice


We Are Searching For Motivated, Health-Conscious And Driven Employees Who Can Bring Dedication To Our Team. We Are Looking To Fill Several Positions In Nashville. If This Is Inspiring To You, check out our available positions below. We Look Forward To Hearing From You!

Qualities We Are Looking For:
You Are A Self-Starter. You Take Initiative To Solve Problems With Creative Solutions, Not Just The Easiest Path.
You Have Excellent Communication Skills. You Are Able To Give Constructive Feedback As Well As Accept Feedback On Your Own Work.
You Are Detail Oriented. You Take The Time To Carefully Analyze A Situation And Understand The Value Of Each Customer And Customize Your Approach For A Proper Response With Each Set Of Unique Scenarios.
•You Enjoy Working In An Environment Where You Are Able To Contribute To People’s Lives Making Them Happier And Healthier.
•You Strive To Enhance Your Personal Growth And Professional Dedication.


>>All positions require excellent customer service skills and will involve some food prep, juicing, cleaning, and product knowledge for the sales shifts. Ability to listen and take direction & constructive criticism, interact pleasantly with customers, operate a simple POS system, work as a team, self-manage, follow food safety guidelines and being on time are musts.

>>The person(s) we are looking for to fill these positions are health food enthusiasts, lovers of juice, will have positive attitudes and willingness to work both kitchen and sales positions if and when needed. They are responsible individuals who follow directions, recipes and other procedures correctly every time, without trying to take shortcuts. Management/Shift Leader experience is a plus! Reliable transportation is a must. 


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The Fountain of Juice is looking for an eager and energetic team member capable of establishing processes and systems that spearhead departmental growth. 


The Fountain of Juice is looking for an eager and energetic team member with kitchen experience in the food and beverage industry.


The Fountain of Juice is looking for an amazing juice warrior/magician that can both sell juice to the masses and pull multiple rabbits out of multiple hats on command. 

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY- graphic design, social media and marketing

Are you a talented graphic design artist? Are you a social media, sales and marketing genius? We would love to add you to our team!